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Allianz Travel Protection

There are various travel insurance agencies in the business today. What's more, with every supplier offering various plans, advantages and inclusion, it may challenge to make sense of which one is directly for you. That is the reason we assembled this Allianz travel protection survey.

In addition to the fact that you need a solid organization, yet in addition one with strong inclusion and insurance against whatever disaster is tossed your direction.
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That is the place Allianz Global Assistance travel protection comes in. It's one of the biggest and most seasoned insurance agencies in the business. What's more, with different plans and advantages to look over, it could very well be the best choice for your excursion.

In any case, it likewise probably won't be.

This Allianz travel protection audit will enable you to settle on a choice. On the other hand, we'll help you make sense of if another movement insurance agency may suit you better.

What Is Travel Insurance?

Before we proceed with our Allianz travel protection survey, we should talk more about protection as a rule. Travel protection ensures you against money related misfortunes that you may bring about while voyaging.

A decent travel protection strategy ought to incorporate the accompanying classes:

Travel scratch-offs, interferences, and changes

Taken, lost, deferred or harmed stuff and property

(Generally non-prior) medicinal medications and costs

Note that movement protection is not quite the same as your standard medical coverage plan. For one, medical coverage as a rule doesn't cover you in the event that you travel to another nation. What's more, not normal for movement protection, your medical coverage most likely doesn't repay for failed to catch planes or lost baggage.

In synopsis, you should plan to go with both medical coverage and travel protection.

Is Travel Insurance Really Worth It?

Between the expense of flights and inns, you might ask why you ought to spend significantly more cash on movement protection. All things considered, the odds of breaking your leg in a bike mishap or getting burglarized on the train appear to be thin, isn't that so?

Yet, in all actuality: These things can transpire. What's more, they do.

What's more, in these critical circumstances, you'll be grateful that you have travel protection close by.

The expense to ensure yourself with movement protection is nothing contrasted with the extreme hospital expenses. Also, hence alone, travel protection is extremely justified, despite all the trouble.

You may never need to utilize it. Be that as it may, travel protection causes you plan for the most exceedingly awful. As I constantly prefer to state, in the event that you can't bear the cost of movement protection, you can't stand to travel!

When to Purchase Travel Insurance

You can buy a movement protection approach days, weeks or months before your outing begins.

Be that as it may, the best time to purchase travel protection is after you conclude your movement plans. Travel protection normally ends up successful the day after you buy the arrangement. This implies you'll be ensured with excursion crossing out inclusion. That way, you'll be repaid on the off chance that you have to change sightseeing plans before you leave.

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Regardless of where you travel, you need protection!

It's additionally critical to take note of that a few organizations necessitate that you buy an arrangement ahead of time. This is for the full inclusion to produce results.

Furthermore, with Allianz Global Assistance , obtaining an arrangement early has one noteworthy advantage. Need venture out protection to cover a previous ailment? At that point it's prescribed to purchase an arrangement inside 14 days of making your first outing installment. By booking early, you may meet all requirements for a waiver that covers your prior conditions while voyaging.

So in the event that you've just made travel arrangements, don't hold up until the latest possible time. By booking voyaging protection early, you can secure yourself against those troublesome travel setbacks!

Who Is Allianz Travel Insurance?

Allows first start by acquainting you with Allianz Global Assistance . Regardless of whether you're curious about their movement protection approaches, the odds are that you've caught wind of Allianz as a rule. All things considered, Allianz Global Assistance is really a subsection of Allianz SE. It's the biggest protection supplier on the planet today.

Established more than 120 years back as a fund organization, Allianz has developed to cover a wide scope of administrations, including resource the board and venture procedures. However, the center of the organization lies in the protection business, with Allianz giving inclusion to property, wellbeing, life and obviously, travel.

City voyagers in Paris at the Arc de Triomphe

Regardless of whether you're simply meandering around a city like Paris, you need travel protection.

Be that as it may, other than doing the math and giving protection, Allianz goes well beyond for neighborhood networks the world over. The Allianz Corporate Giving Program has contributed over $2 million and 16,000 volunteer hours towards projects to support understudies, seniors and many worker chose foundations.

Regardless of anything else, venture out protection was made to ensure you. In any case, with the Allianz, you can feel great realizing that your protection supplier is there to secure others.

Who Is Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance For?

Before we jump into our Allianz travel protection survey, how about we talk about which sorts of explorers would profit by their arrangements. With nine distinct designs to look over, Allianz Global Assistance has far reaching inclusion for most kinds of voyagers.

Yearly Travelers: With an Allianz yearly arrangement, you can be ensured for a whole year, regardless of where or how frequently you travel! Yearly plans will set aside you cash in the event that you intend to take mutiple or two outings during the year.

Senior Travelers: There is no age limit for protection policyholders, which makes Allianz a fantastic choice for senior voyagers.

Families Traveling Together: With Allianz travel protection, youngsters under 17 can go with their folks for nothing on select plans. This is a magnificent and cost-productive advantage for families with one, two, or more children.

Business Travelers: Allianz Global Assistance is one of only a handful couple of insurance agencies to offer assurance for business gear. We know it's upsetting to lose or have something taken, particularly if it's your boss's!

Who Isn't Allianz Travel Insurance For?

As a major aspect of this Allianz Travel protection survey, we believe it's additionally imperative to take note of that Allianz isn't for each kind of explorer. And keeping in mind that the complete plans may work for certain individuals, it may not fit the necessities of everybody.

Experience Travelers: Allianz doesn't offer assurance for any kind of extraordinary movement or game. In the event that you intend to take part in any exciting exercises, pick World Nomads, which incorporates inclusion for more than 200 distinctive outrageous games.

Voyagers Wanting High Medical Coverage: We generally prescribe going with in any event $100,000 of health related crisis inclusion. Also, none of the Allianz plans offer this measure of inclusion. Sure you can't foresee on the off chance that you'll require crisis care when voyaging. In any case, you ought to consistently be set up for the most noticeably terrible. On the off chance that you contract an extreme ailment, you may be left with a great many dollars in hospital expenses. World Nomads, then again, offers $100,000 in health related crisis inclusion with both their arrangements.

What's Included in Allianz Travel Insurance?

As a feature of our Allianz travel protection audit, we'll be covering every one of the assurance advantages offered with your movement protection plan.

Crisis Medical Coverage

Becoming ill or harmed abroad can accomplish more harm than simply demolishing your get-away. In any case, without movement protection, it can likewise leave you with a huge number of dollars in emergency clinic bills and restorative costs.

With crisis Medical Coverage, you're shielded against everything from a minute ago specialist visits to long haul clinic remains. So on the off chance that you get food contamination in India or catch the serious influenza in Brazil, you'll be repaid for any essential medicinal expenses.

Crisis Transportation

Allianz Global Assistance likewise takes care of transportation costs expected to get you securely to the medical clinic. So for example, in the event that you break your leg skiing in the Alps, you'll should be carried to the closest restorative office for prompt consideration.

What's more, in the uncommon occurrence that you should be flown back home, crisis transportation will likewise take care of those expenses.

Excursion Cancellation

In the event that you have to drop your excursion before you leave, at that point trip crossing out inclusion will repay you for any unused costs, similar to flights or lodging remains.

Be that as it may, your purpose behind dropping should be secured under the Allianz approach. Allianz has 26 secured reasons, including catastrophic events, traffic episodes or disorder, passing or the introduction of a relative.

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Regardless of what your explanation is for getting back home, travel protection will help ensure you.

Excursion Interruption

In the event that you're as of now in the midst of a get-away yet need to return home early, at that point travel protection additionally has your back. Excursion Interruption inclusion repays you for the unused part of your outing on the off chance that you have to return home ahead of schedule because of a secured explanation.

Furthermore, sometimes, you'll additionally be taken care of for any additional expenses related with returning home, such as booking another flight.

Stuff Loss/Damage

Allianz Global Assistance accompanies inclusion for your lost, taken or harmed individual assets. For instance, on the off chance that your iPhone or camera gets taken while you're on a train, at that point your movement protection strategy will take care of part of the expense.

Each arrangement accompanies an alternate measure of inclusion. What's more, it's imperative to take note of that there is an exacting per article limit. With Allianz Global Assistance, you can just guarantee up to $500 per thing. That implies on the off chance that you lose your $2,000 DSLR camera, you will just get repaid $500.

Travel Delay

Allianz Global Allianz additionally covers you on the off chance that you can't arrive at your goal on time because of conditions beyond your ability to do anything about. For example, in the event that your carriers drop your flights because of awful climate, at that point the insurance agency will repay you for any suppers, transportation or convenience costs.

Note that movement defer inclusion kicks in just in the event that you are postponed for six hours or more.

Change Fee Coverage

There may be where you basically need to change the dates of the flight, as opposed to dropping the whole excursion. In the event that you have the AllTrips Executive, OneTrip Prime or OneTrip Premier arrangement, the arrangement will repay you up to $500 to take care of the expense of the aircraft change charge.

Dependability Program Redeposit Fee Coverage

With Allianz Global Assistance, regardless of whether you buy flights or settlement utilizing miles or focuses, the organization will ensure you. The reliability program re-store expense inclusion redeposits your focuses in the event that you have to drop your flight or settlement for a secured explanation.

Try not to lose your well deserved devotion focuses!

Try not to lose your well deserved steadfastness focuses!

Note that solitary the AllTrips Executive, OneTrip Prime, and OneTrip Premier plans accompany the devotion program redeposit charge advantage. Every one of the three plans conceal to $500 worth of successive flier miles or dedication program focuses.

Business Equipment Coverage

On the off chance that you travel for work, you may bring along organization paid hardware like workstations, telephones and other gear. Also, on the off chance that you lose or break this gear on your excursion, Business Equipment Coverage will repay the related expenses to fix or supplant them.

In any case, the main intend to offer assurance for business gear is the yearly AllTrips Executive arrangement.

Travel Accident Coverage

Otherwise called incidental passing and evisceration, the movement mishap inclusion pays you or your family on the off chance that you get into a mishap while voyaging. This incorporates inclusion against the departure of an appendage, visual perception, or in the most exceedingly awful circumstance, demise.

Rental Car Damage and Theft Coverage

For just $9 per day, yearly arrangement holders can secure themselves against impact, harm, or robbery of a rental vehicle. With this inclusion, you don't have to take out an extra arrangement at the rental vehicle work area!

This advantage isn't accessible to all US occupants. It would be ideal if you counsel your Allianz Global Assistance arrangement for more data.

Allianz Travel Insurance Review: Global Assistance Insurance Plans

While all Allianz Global Assistance travel protection plans incorporate a few or all the previously mentioned inclusion, they each separate in an unexpected way. For this Allianz Global Assistance travel protection audit, we'll think about the diverse arrangement choices accessible. Contingent upon your movement needs, Allianz offers nine diverse travel protection intends to look over.

On the off chance that you need inclusion for one outing, at that point you should buy a solitary outing plan. The five single outing plan alternatives include:

OneTrip Cancellation Plus Plan – Best Option for Travelers Who Don't Need Medical Coverage

OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan – Best Option for Travelers Needing Basic Medical Coverage

OneTrip Basic – Best Option for Travelers on a Budget

OneTrip Prime – Best Option for the Average Traveler

OneTrip Premier – Best Option for Travelers Looking for the Highest Coverage

Then again, taking a few littler excursions during the time makes a yearly, multi-trip plan more financially savvy. Yearly plans spread you for a whole year of movement, paying little heed to in the event that you remain local or travel abroad. There are four yearly intends to browse:

AllTrips Basic – Best Option for Travelers Needing Basic Medical Coverage

AllTrips Prime – Best Option for the Average Traveler

AllTrips Executive – Best Option for Business Travelers

AllTrips Premier – Best Option for Travelers Looking for the Highest Coverage

Other than the length of movement, there are a couple of critical contrasts between the single and yearly excursion plans. For one, the yearly outing plans just spread a set sum for excursion scratch-off or interference. Yet, with a solitary excursion plan, you're secured for 100 percent or 150 percent of your complete outing cost.

Another distinction is that every single yearly arrangement offer Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) inclusion, just as rental vehicle harm insurance. The main single-trip intend to offer AD&D is the OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan. Along these lines, it's fundamental to consider these elements when acquiring the correct travel protection strategy for your outing.

1. OneTrip Cancellation Plus Plan

The OneTrip Cancellation Plus Plan is Allianz's most reasonable arrangement. With this arrangement, you are just ensured against excursion scratch-offs, interferences and postponements. Note that therapeutic inclusion, medicinal transportation and stuff misfortune is excluded.

And keeping in mind that you aren't secured for excursion scratch-offs, you do get $2,000 in stuff misfortune or harm inclusion and $10,000 in unintentional passing or dismantling. This arrangement is for anybody on a spending who is generally worried about interferences to their touring plans, however not very worried pretty much all the rest.


2. OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan

On the off chance that you are eager to renounce trip wiping out and interference inclusion, at that point the OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan is a satisfactory alternative for protection. You'll get $50,000 in crisis restorative inclusion, just as $250,000 in crisis medicinal transportation inclusion.

Remember that this arrangement just offers security for therapeutic costs. On the off chance that the carriers lose your gear or in the event that you have to drop your outing, you should pay those costs out of pocket. This arrangement is, along these lines, for any individual who might go on an audacious outing and is generally worried about their wellbeing and security, however is less so worried about everything else.


3. OneTrip Basic

Perfect for spending voyagers who need to cover everything from restorative needs to flight cancelations, the OneTrip Basic arrangement gives inclusion against becoming ill, requiring therapeutic clearing or dropping your excursion.

Incorporated into the OneTrip Basic arrangement is $10,000 of therapeutic and dental inclusion and $50,000 worth of restorative departure. And keeping in mind that that may seem like a ton, it probably won't take care of your whole clearing expense, particularly in the event that you should be transported back home. Therefore, you should seriously think about a progressively thorough arrangement in the event that you intend to make a trip abroad or to a remote nation.

The OneTrip Basic arrangement additionally repays up to $500 for lost or taken stuff and $200 for postponed things.

In any case, the best part is that the OneTrip Basic arrangement will repay the full cost of your excursion in the event that you have to drop or leave early. Actually, each single-trip plan with Allianz covers 100 percent of your costs for outings up to $100,000. Be that as it may, the explanation behind dropping needs to fall inside Allianz Global Assistance's rundown of secured reasons.

It's critical to take note of that there are a couple of restrictions to the OneTrip Basic arrangement. Not at all like the other Allianz Global Assistance designs, the OneTrip Basic arrangement does exclude inclusion for missed associations or aircraft change expenses. Also, there are less secured purposes behind excursion crossing out.


4. OneTrip Prime

The OneTrip Prime arrangement is the most prevalent choice for the normal voyager. You'll get $25,000 worth of therapeutic and dental inclusion alongside $500,000 worth of crisis departure inclusion.

With regards to lost and taken things, the OneTrip Prime arrangement incorporates $1,000 in inclusion. Notwithstanding, you will just get a limit of $500 per pack or thing (up to $1,000 all out). That implies in case you're going with costly rigging, the lost things inclusion probably won't take care of the whole expense.

You'll additionally get $300 in things defer costs, $800 in missed association inclusion, and up to $250 for aircraft change charges. Those are truly liberal extra advantages!

What's more, on the off chance that you drop, you're secured for 100 percent of the unused complete excursion cost. Be that as it may, in the event that you have to leave mid, OneTrip Prime additionally repays up to 150 percent of the excursion cost. That implies you won't need to stress over expanded transportation expenses to get back home!

5. OneTrip Premier

On the off chance that you're searching for the most far reaching inclusion choice, at that point the OneTrip Premier arrangement is for you. It about duplicates all the inclusion measures of the OneTrip Premier arrangement and incorporates a couple of additional advantages.

Medicinal and dental inclusion duplicates from $25,000 to $50,000, while crisis clearing inclusion likewise increments to $1,000,000. With universal departure averaging around $100,000, this sum is more than satisfactory to cover your transportation back home.

You'll get up to $2,000 in lost or taken stuff. Be that as it may, like the OneTrip Prime arrangement, you can just guarantee a limit of $500 per thing (up to $2,000 altogether). The OneTrip Premier arrangement additionally incorporates $600 in stuff delay, $1,600 in movement delay, and $1,600 in missed association inclusion.

6. AllTrips Basic

The most reasonable multi-trip plan is AllTrips Basic . This arrangement incorporates $20,000 in crisis medicinal inclusion and $100,000 in crisis transportation inclusion.

Be that as it may, probably the greatest disadvantage is that the AllTrips Basic arrangement doesn't accompany trip abrogation or interference inclusion. Keep in mind that implies you won't be repaid in the event that you can't go on your excursion!

In any case, you are concealed to $1,000 for lost or harmed stuff, $200 for things delay and $300 for movement delay. The AllTrips Basic arrangement additionally accompanies rental vehicle harm and burglary inclusion up to $45,000.

7. AllTrips Prime

The $20,000 crisis therapeutic inclusion and $100,000 crisis transportation inclusion with the AllTrips Prime arrangement is indistinguishable from the AllTrips Basic arrangement. The stuff misfortune, things deferral and travel postpone inclusion are likewise the equivalent.

Be that as it may, the AllTrips Prime arrangement incorporates $2,000 inclusion for excursion crossing out and $2,000 inclusion for outing interference. In the event that you need to be ensured for any conceivable outing changes, at that point make a point to buy an AllTrips Prime, Executive or Premier arrangement.

8. AllTrips Executive

Taking into account the business explorer, the AllTrips Executive arrangement incorporates far reaching restorative and outing inclusion alongside a couple of additional advantages. Crisis restorative inclusion increments to $50,000, and crisis transportation ascends to $250,000. You will likewise get $5,000 in outing crossing out and trip interference inclusion.

What's more, not normal for different plans, the AllTrips Executive arrangement accompanies business gear inclusion. So in the event that you travel all through year for work, your work workstations, telephones and different gadgets are secured against burglary or harm.

9. AllTrips Premier

Despite the fact that the AllTrips Premier arrangement is increasingly costly, it's additionally progressively thorough contrasted with the other yearly travel protection plans. You'll be concealed for to $50,000 in crisis restorative and $500,000 for crisis therapeutic transportation. This arrangement is for those with a greater spending plan.

The AllTrips Premier arrangement likewise incorporates $2,000 in outing wiping out and interference inclusion and $1,500 in movement postpone inclusion. In addition, you additionally get $50,000 in movement mishap inclusion on the off chance that you lose an appendage or your visual perception when voyaging.

Allianz Travel Insurance Cost

The expense of your movement protection approach relies upon variables like your age, living arrangement state, trip length and all out outing cost.

We should take a gander at a few guides to decide a probable strategy cost.

In this first situation, you're a 28-year-old hiker from Washington State who's wanting to go through a month going around Thailand. The absolute estimation of your excursion is generally $2,000, including the flight and lodging.

Thailand Costs for Allianz Travel Insurance

The cost separates to $4.06 every day for the OneTrip Basic arrangement, $4.56 every day for the OneTrip Prime arrangement and $6.16 every day for the OneTrip Premier arrangement.

Despite the fact that the distinction in expense might be little, you'll get more advantages with the OneTrip Prime and Premier plans. For example, the inclusion sum for health related crises, clearings and travel deferral is higher than the OneTrip Basic arrangement.

However, suppose you additionally plan to venture out to Ecuador, China and Hawaii later in the year. Rather than buying extra single-trip plans, you can put resources into the yearly intend to save money on movement protection costs.

All Trips Costs for Allianz Travel Insurance

The AllTrips Prime arrangement costs simply under a dollar for every day and ensures you on all outings for a year! Despite the fact that inclusion marginally varies between the OneTrip and AllTrip plans, you'll set aside cash at last as opposed to acquiring four individual single-trip plans.

In this next model, you're a 25-year-old Californian traveling around Europe for two months. In spite of the fact that you intend to visit Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France, you'll invest most of your energy in Germany. Between flights, trains and lodgings, your outing costs around $5,000.

Europe Costs for Allianz Travel Insurance

For your Eurotrip, you can hope to pay $5.26 every day for the OneTrip Basic arrangement and $5.95 for the OneTrip Prime arrangement. Also, on the off chance that you need the most far reaching travel protection inclusion, you can pay $6.60 every day for the OneTrip Premier arrangement.

So you can secure yourself against gigantic doctor's visit expenses and travel occurrences for only a couple of dollars daily. You'll have full inclusion and genuine feelings of serenity!

What's Not Covered by Allianz Travel Insurance?

Allianz Global Assistance covers a wide scope of mishaps and episodes that may occur on your outing. Notwithstanding, there are a few impediments to note when acquiring an Allianz Global Assistance strategy.

Extraordinary Sports Coverage

Allianz Travel doesn't secure you against any high hazard or outrageous exercises. This incorporates, however isn't constrained to, hiking, bungee hopping, or scuba jumping. On the off chance that you need inclusion for any daring exercises on your outing, we suggest World Nomads travel protection, which covers more than 200 exciting games and experiences.

Previous Medical Conditions

As a rule, Allianz Global Assistance doesn't cover any previous ailments while voyaging.

The think back period for a prior condition is 120 days. That implies that on the off chance that you have an analysis or condition inside 120 days of your outing, you can't guarantee the doctor's visit expense as a protection cost.

Be that as it may, you might have the option to get a prior condition waiver in the event that you buy travel protection inside 14 days of making your first excursion installment.

On the off chance that you do have prior ailments, we suggest that you look at Travelex protection, which does to be sure spread you.

Upsides and downsides of Allianz Travel Insurance


Assortment of Plan Options: Depending on your movement protection needs, you'll have nine unique intends to look over. Regardless of whether you're taking one dream get-away, or going during the time for work, Allianz Global Assistance has a wide scope of protection alternatives to meet your requirements.

Free Family Coverage: The OneTrip Prime and Premier plans, just as the AllTrips Premier Plan, incorporates inclusion for youngsters under 17 at no extra cost.


Low Coverage with Some Plans: We prescribe in any event $100,000 in health related crisis and medicinal transportation inclusion. And keeping in mind that a portion of the more far reaching plans have sufficient therapeutic transportation inclusion, the most noteworthy measure of health related crisis inclusion you can have is $50,000.

No Extreme Sports Coverage: When you're on an excursion, you should take part for no particular reason and energizing exercises, such as skydiving, climbing and swimming. Be that as it may, Allianz Global Assistance doesn't cover these exercises.

Allianz versus Travelex versus World Nomads

This Allianz Travel Insurance audit wouldn't be finished without taking a gander at contenders. Contingent upon your movement needs, Allianz Global Assistance may be an appropriate travel protection supplier for your outing. In any case, for this thorough Allianz Global Assistance travel protection audit, it's imperative to take a gander at other what different organizations offer as far as advantages. We will contrast Allianz Global Assistance and two distinct suppliers:


World Nomads


Based out of Australia, Travelex gives equivalent inclusion to Allianz Global Assistance for generally a similar cost. Both offer therapeutic updates for previous ailments and rental vehicle harm security.

Be that as it may, while Allianz Global Assistance offers nine travel protection plans, Travelex considers greater adaptability. For instance, you can add various advantages to your Travelex protection plan, including drop in any capacity whatsoever insurance.

Travelex additionally offers a paid redesign for outrageous games and daring exercises. That is absent from Allianz Global Assistance arrangements.

World Nomads

Made in light of explorers and voyagers, Australian based World Nomads is one of the most famous names in the movement protection business.

Be that as it may, probably the greatest drawback to World Nomads is the expense, particularly on the off chance that you intend to travel on numerous occasions consistently. For a yearly arrangement, Allianz Global Assistance's most far reaching plan is still a large portion of the expense of the fundamental World Nomads plan.

You can't alter World Nomads as much as Allianz Global Assistance, as it just offers two plans. Notwithstanding, World Nomads offers a higher most extreme sum for crisis restorative repayment. Both World Nomad plans accompany $100,000 in inclusion. This is twice as high as Allianz Global Assistance's most extensive arrangement.

In addition, World Nomads incorporates extraordinary games inclusion with the cost of the arrangement. So in case you're anticipating scuba plunging or bungee bouncing on your excursion, the protection will totally cover you on the off chance that anything goes exhibit.

Step by step instructions to File a Claim with Allianz Travel Insurance

On the off chance that you keep running into a startling occurrence abroad, you'll need to realize how to record a case with Allianz Global Assistance. Along these lines, the protection will repay you for any doctor's visit expenses or lost costs you bring about.

Record the Incident or Accident

With regards to recording a case, assembling the fitting documentation is one of the most basic advances. It's your duty to catch up with the correct specialists. It's likewise on you to gather the important desk work for presenting a case.

Counsel the Allianz Global Assistance guarantee documentation agenda to see precisely what structures and reports you need so as to present your case.

Record the Claim Online

As a major aspect of this Allianz Travel Insurance survey, how about we jump into how to record a case. Recording a case with Allianz