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Like essentially every other automaton organization in the business, Yuneec has been living in the shadow of DJI for as far back as couple of years — yet don't let its absence of fame or name acknowledgment trick you. The organization has over 15 years of involvement in making RC air ship, and as of now offers probably the most progressive multi-rotor rambles available.

Recently, Yuneec discreetly discharged the Q500 Typhoon 4K — one of the first 4K rambles intended for novice pilots. Valued just shy of $1,300, this as good as ever Q500 guarantees a boatload of cutting edge highlights intended to improve flying video catch. So to get a genuine feeling of exactly how well these "brilliant" highlights and 4K camera perform in the wild, we took Yuneec's best flight Typhoon for a turn.
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Highlights and Specs

Yuneec's Q500 made them feel like a child on Christmas morning as we unloaded it. Generally 16.5 inches long and standing a little more than 8 inches tall, the Q500 weighs just shy of 4 pounds with the battery and payload both appended. Out of the crate, the automaton accompanies two arrangements of rotors, all vital modules and connectors, a 16GB SD card pre-stacked with instructional exercise recordings, the ST10+ Personal Ground Station controller, and an inherent 4K-competent camera.

Simple to utilize yet refined, the Q500 allows even novice photogs the capacity to create proficient evaluation pictures and video. The completely controllable 3-hub gimbal camera can shoot straight ahead to catch the skyline, or turn up to 90 degrees down to catch overhead film. Despite the fact that numerous more up to date rambles are starting to include this component, it's still generally new to the field, giving the Q500 a decisive advantage over its opposition.

Beside its optical strength, the automaton packs two novel self-governing modes to give fledgling pilots a hand. "Tail Me" mode basically ties the art to the pilot (the one holding the controller), enabling it to work totally alone. "Watch Me" mode focuses the camera straightforwardly on the pilot, persistently keeping the administrator in the casing of view and in concentrate paying little mind to which way the automaton flies. As it were, Yuneec makes life simple on you, on the off chance that you need.

The ST10+ Personal Ground Station controller, included with all adaptations of the Q500, houses all the important joysticks, catches, and settings essential for everything from flying and getting the automaton, to actuating its highlights and catching photographs or recordings. Furnished with a perfectly clear, 5.5-inch shading touchscreen, the ST10+ gives you a fantastic view to precisely what the automaton sees as it flies. Despite the fact that a great part of the screen is committed to a live video feed, pilots additionally get consistent updates on the specialty's battery life, its elevation and separation from the controller, ground speed, and GPS status, among a few others.

Assemble quality and strength

One of the absolute first things we saw subsequent to expelling the automaton from its mammoth of a case was its prevalent development and strong edge. Furnished with a solid, durable body and substantial arms, even the automaton's legs end up being inconceivably steady which isn't constantly normal with specialties of this sort.

yuneec storm q500 4k yuneek automaton rotor cutting edges

yuneec storm q500 4k yuneek automaton logo

In the wake of logging a few hours of flight and executing arrivals on different landscape, the Q500 still resembles it's fresh out of the box new and directly out of the case. Over the long run — obviously — the four froth cushions attached to either finish of its legs will unquestionably accumulate some mileage, however even after 20 to 30 of our own flights, these remain superbly flawless.


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Considering the Q500 costs somewhere in the range of $1,200 to $1,300, its best level form quality is an appreciated sight.

Battery life and charge time

For our tests, we investigated the $1,300 Q500 show, which just truly accompanies one gigantic expansion over the $1,200 variant: an additional battery. A solitary 5,400 mAh lithium-polymer battery allows approximately 25 minutes of continued flight time, something we reported while keeping the automaton floated in only one position. Subsequent to giving it to a greater degree an exercise by moving it around and shooting video, flight time sank somewhat to approximately 20 to 21 minutes. Besides, when flying reliably in "Tail Me" or "Watch Me" mode, the battery kept going barely short of 20 minutes.

Among the numerous things the Q500 gets right, flight execution is conceivably where it sparkles most brilliant.

As a lot of a killjoy for what it's worth to need to quit getting a charge out of the Q500 after only 20 minutes, an additional battery enables you to recover the automaton straight very high. Fortunately, the included controller illuminates current battery voltage, remaining limit, and gives a few alarms when it begins to get low. In spite of the fact that it's optimal to start finding the art once the underlying low battery cautioning shows up, you don't have to truly begin freezing until it plunges underneath 10.7V.

At the point when it's an ideal opportunity to really charge the batteries (which, tragically, must happen directly out of the crate), hope to hold up about two hours previously it achieves its full charge limit. Since holding up two hours to appreciate only 20 minutes of flight time can't in any way, shape or form energize anybody, the two-battery alternative of the Q500 is profoundly suggested. An included vehicle charging connector gives the automaton some additional adaptability, on the off chance that you can't make it home to utilize the divider charger.

The included ST10+ Personal Ground Station requires more tolerance when its juices achieve zero. It took us almost five and a half long periods of charging before the controller showed full limit. You can utilize the AC connector, or a standard USB control source with the included smaller scale USB link.

Flight execution, control, and self-governance

Of the considerable number of things the Q500 gets right, flight execution is seemingly where it sparkles most brilliant. In addition to the fact that its smart modes take into account the absolute easiest flying we've at any point experienced, however we additionally found the controller's anything but difficult to-utilize double joysticks make even the free-flying Angle mode unimaginably normal — particularly for tenderfoots. Along these lines, next to no related knowledge is expected to get the Q500 into the air in the wake of unpacking.


Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

Basically push up on the left stick to start. Following a few seconds, the Q500 takes off and climbs for whatever length of time that you have the stick squeezed up. When you discharge the controls totally, the automaton's GPS framework enables it to easily float set up and once in a while (even with a solid breeze) does it get thumped extremely distant from its position.
Flying the automaton is additionally direct, as the correct joystick pushes the Q500 ahead (up) or in reverse (down), and (left) or (right). After only a few minutes, directing the specialty begins to feel like second nature. As responsive as any automaton we've flown, each flick of the joystick enlists quickly on the automaton itself, moving it marginally in the ideal heading (or further, contingent upon the connected weight).

Both keen modes are ideal for beginner administrators to gain proficiency with the ropes. Our tests demonstrated "Tail Me" to be unfathomably proficient at following the controller while remaining about 20 to 25 feet from the ST10+. "Watch Me" was a far and away superior portrayal of the Q500's independence, as regardless of what course we endeavored to fly the automaton, the camera remained acutely focused on us the whole time.

Directing the Q500 in both of its savvy modes enables the automaton to truly utilize its self-governing muscle.

As indicated by Yuneec, the Q500 4K maximizes at about 17 miles for each hour when in "Point" mode and 22 miles for every hour in "Tail Me" or "Watch Me" mode. Our tests put the real ground speed in accordance with these on-paper details.

The Q500's highlights are evidently noteworthy — yet there came when its independent shrewd mode was maybe a bit excessively keen. In the wake of taking it out for a fast turn and changing the ST10+ to its Dynamic Return Home capacity, the automaton started its run of the mill, self-sufficient drop. It should effectively travel to a protected separation from the pilot, however it buckled down at making tracks in an opposite direction from us that it flew directly into the base of an adjacent tree. Ouch.

Clearly, an accident of this nature is effectively avoidable by essentially understanding your environment better. In any case, it's something to remember. The automaton's shrewd mode is unimaginably proficient at maintaining a strategic distance from the pilot holding the controller, regardless of whether that implies slamming straightforwardly into a close-by snag.

Camera, frill, and upgradability

With the term 4K part of this present quadcopter's name, it should not shock anyone that the Q500 brags a damnation a camera. Mounted straightforwardly underneath the art, the CGO3 packs a 115-degree field of view, 1080p full HD, and 4K ultra-superior quality at 30 outlines for every second. The ST10+ controller takes into consideration progressed tinkering with the camera's video settings, or amateur flyers can depend on programmed settings. Amid our preliminaries, this mode demonstrated more than fit for catching outstanding video.

In the wake of flying the Q500 nearly 150 or so feet into the air, we continued to record a broad display of downtown Portland and its surroundings to figure out the extent of the CG03. Not exclusively does the camera's focal point catch a twisting free skyline, yet the dimension of detail it gets while recording is astonishing. Also, a straightforward change of the camera's pitch edge on the ST10+ controller enabled us to proceed to straight down in merely seconds.

In the event that shooting 4K video isn't exactly your speed, the Q500 likewise enables clients to catch 1080p/120fps moderate movement video, allowing videographers included adaptability. Changing to moderate movement on the ST10+ controller requires negligible route, and makes it a snap to switch modes when the need emerges.

As far as accessible embellishments or updates, the Q500 as of now accompanies all that you need directly out of the container. Outside of extra rotors, additional arrival gear, or a lot of decals, there's essentially no motivation to want something besides the stock rendition of this quadcopter. This is one more unimaginably pivotal offering point which guarantees next to zero additional cash is required in the wake of purchasing the Q500.


The DT Accessory Pack

Up your amusement and the take advantage of your apparatus with the accompanying additional items, hand-picked by our editors:

Tropical storm Q500 4K substitution rotor sharp edge An and rotor cutting edge B ($15)

Tropical storm Q500 4K save landing gear ($10)

Yuneec Q500 LiPo Battery ($98)

In the wake of going through around three weeks pushing the Q500 as far as possible, we just couldn't get enough of this noteworthy quadcopter. Put essentially, it has pretty much all that you search for in an automaton. With brilliant controls intended to facilitate the expectation to learn and adapt for amateurs, a natural control plan, and a standout amongst the best implicit cameras we've at any point seen on a comparable specialty, the Q500 is head and shoulders over its opposition. If not for the 20-minute breaking point on its batteries, we'd experience considerable difficulties consistently conveying this airplane down to arrive.

In case you're hoping to catch proficient looking ethereal video without the expert sticker price, the Q500 should be on your radar. The inherent 4K camera effectively equals some handhelds, and the straightforward controls enable you to concentrate more on taping and less on flying the automaton. Everything considered, this is a standout amongst the best quadcopters you can get for $1,300.


Extraordinarily responsive controls

Worked in 4K-skilled camera shoots beautiful video

Savvy modes making flying a breeze

Solid, strong body


Long battery charge time