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We would prefer not to forget you exposed to the harsh elements, so we looked into 40 bivy sacks, bought the best 8, and tried them next to each other to present to you an exhaustive audit. From hanging campgrounds high on the precipice sides to mountain knolls to the rough desert scene to frigid impromptu bivys, we tried each of the eight contenders in an assortment of conditions. As climbers, bad-to-the-bone campers, explorers, and bikepackers we comprehend the significance of a bivy that keeps you dry in the rain and very much ventilated in the late spring warmth. Make sure to look at the distinctions in weight for every item, as well. Regardless of whether you're searching at a gigantic execution to-cost proportion or the best climbing bivy, this audit distinguishes the correct model for you to desert the tent for the opportunity of dozing underneath the stars.
The OR Alpine Bivy (front) can save up to a few pounds off of a typical one-person backpacking tent (back) because it has fewer poles  fabric  and zippers.

This winter, we refreshed this survey with new models and incorporated a few old top picks. The Outdoor Research Alpine has its spot as our Editors' Choice out of the blue. Following firmly behind, the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy isn't just a high scorer however a Best Buy victor. For the weight weenies out there, the SOL Escape Bivvy is the victor of our Top Pick grant and the model that we would prescribe for ultralight experiences. We've included graphs to help in correlations and broadly talk about every metric in our individual audits.

Best Overall Bivy Sack

Outside Research Alpine Bivy

Editors' Choice Award


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Weight: 28.5 ounces | Packed size: 4 x 15.5 inches


Loads of headroom

Finish climate opposition


Pressed Size

This offers the perfect blend of insurance from the components, solace, and toughness, also solid rankings in different measurements. The Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy offers brilliant security from the climate so you can experience with certainty.

While different models offer lighter weight and littler stuffed size, the OR Alpine will never let you down when the climate turns for the more awful. The OR Alpine was off the graphs in its climate security and even offers enough make a beeline for get your basic gear out of the components also.

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Top Pick for Ultralight Protection

SOL Escape Bivvy

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Weight: 8.36 ounces | Packed size: 4" x 7.5 inches





Not Waterproof

The SOL Escape Bivvy ends up as the winner when you factor in the weight-to-security proportion. At a relatively unnoticeable 237 grams (or 8.36 ounces), you get magnificent warmth and security from the breeze and light rain.

In the event that you require a bivy that can hold up to a major tempest, the Sierra Designs or the Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy may be an even better heavier arrangement. In the event that your experience requires you shave the weight and you have a sensible desire that the climate won't nuke, the SOL Escape is your pack.

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Best Buy

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy

Best Buy Award

$140 List

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Weight: 13.6 ounces | Packed size: 3 x 9.5 inches


Doesn't lay on face



Zippers are not waterproof

The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy has a striking blend of climate insurance, solace, and weight investment funds. In light of the opposition making an "inside and out" bivy is a troublesome assignment, however Sierra Designs have done quite recently that.

By adding a tab to lift the roof with a bit of p-line attached to a branch, the inside space and solace are a long ways past different bivies of comparable size and weight. Having the bivy "pitched" additionally added to its water shedding capacity. The highlights don't stop there!

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Examination and Test Results

Regardless of whether to bring a bivy relies upon numerous variables, and everything from weight to climate to accessible space in a medium-term pack can impact the choice. In our article How to Choose the Best Bivy Sack, we jump into the specifics between accessible styles and help to recognize key highlights and best uses for each model.

When going through foul climate of any kind the OR Alpine is our first decision inevitably. Or on the other hand's prevalent shell and configuration kept us dry and warm.

When going through foul climate of any kind, the OR Alpine is our first decision without fail. Or on the other hand's prevalent shell and configuration kept us dry and warm.

Before obtaining a bivy sack, consider the conditions in which you will utilize it. The high mountains in winter? A boggy marsh in spring? Every one of our inspected items has special attributes that make convincing motivations to think about one for your next excursion.


We expect to not just present to you the most elite yet the most elevated esteem, particularly with regards to execution and cost. Our group of specialists puts each model through a progression of tests, granting scores for a progression of measurements. Figuring out which bivy will suit your necessities will unquestionably have a rundown of upsides and downsides. What are you searching for? In the event that the best esteem best your diagrams, you'll need to investigate our Price versus Execution graph, which features the general score and how that score identifies with the cost. Bivy sacks that land towards the base right demonstrate the most elevated "esteem."

Climate Resistance

An incredible asylum shields from whatever climate may touch base without contrarily influencing the outdoors encounter. A few components become an integral factor while considering which sort of climate to get ready for. Is rain or snow likely? Will the evenings be chilly? The fundamental component that influences climate opposition is the sort of texture utilized for the bivy. Is it a work that won't shield from any precip? Is it a definitive in waterproofness that will keep you warm and dry in cool climate, yet not breath well and abandon you sweat-soaked in hotter conditions?

Diverse sorts of textures work best in various circumstances. A completely waterproof material, similar to Gore-Tex, will keep all the rain out, however even the most breathable adaptations have a harder time permitting water vapor from perspiration or breath to get away. Ripstop nylon is lightweight and whenever treated with a strong water-repellent (DWR) covering is commonly more breathable, however since it isn't totally waterproof, is perfect for lighter rain. The SOL Escape strayed from the standard by developing a bivy from metalized spun-fortified olefin, which is regularly utilized as a dampness obstruction for home development. This material gave magnificent climate opposition while looking after breathability.

Some bivies are made for four-season insurance and can be utilized in stormy, elevated conditions. Different models endeavor to spare weight and don't take into consideration an entire conclusion of the waterproof shell material, around the face, as are best saved for crises or milder rain and temps.

The Gore-Tex texture on the OR Alpine keeps water and rain out even in the heaviest of tempests.

The Gore-Tex texture on the OR Alpine keeps water and rain out even in the heaviest of tempests.

The most climate safe models we tried are the four-season Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy and the BD Bipod, the two of which are made totally with waterproof materials and can be totally quit for the day the nastiest breezes and tempests. Whatever remains of the field offered nice climate assurance, each bivy having its solid and frail focuses.

Like all outdoors protects, the manner in which it is utilized can influence climate opposition. Whenever possible, picking higher ground or a clearing under a tree will include a touch of additional climate obstruction from the regular habitat, abstaining from pooling water in an awful storm. Continuously check the trees overhead for dead appendages, or "dowager producers," which can sever hazardously (particularly in a tempest).


A decent bivy ought to be a lighter outdoors choice than a tent with the identical insurance. A couple of the lighter weight models have additional bug netting in key areas rather than shell texture to shave a few ounces — something a camper in an extremely wet and chilly condition may not appreciate. Likewise, an extra tentpole like the ones included with the four-season models (OR Alpine and BD Bipod) may include a couple of ounces that simply aren't required if the best is to remain for the most part open in dry conditions. Care ought to be taken to settle on beyond any doubt your decision isn't excessively lightweight that it forfeits the insurance and solace you want.

The lightest reusable bivy is the SOL Escape. The heaviest is the Tennier, weighing more than two pounds, which is still far lighter than a standard exploring tent.

The OR Apline display was substantial and frequently must be put away outwardly of the pack. We found that a water bottle stash functioned admirably.

The OR Apline display was substantial and regularly must be put away outwardly of the pack. We found that a water bottle take functioned admirably.

Pressed Size

Numerous bivy sack clients feel that little pressed size is one of the key highlights they look for. Additional mass in a pack frequently can't be managed and, something beyond the weight, the bundled size of the item can decide if it is suitable for the following outing or just a huge bother that will get left at the auto. The models that incorporate separate tent shafts can have the long obstructive sticks put away somewhere else (maybe outwardly of a pack or along within divider) so that the bivy inside the stuff sack can be packed into any accessible spot in a pack. By dropping down from a tent to a littler bivy, you may have the capacity to set aside to five liters of room, taking into account a littler pack generally speaking or space for other basic apparatus.

We gauged every item when pressed up in its (typically gave) stuff sack. A portion of the models had shafts that could be added to a similar stuff sack or put away in your pack independently. The SOL Escape offered the littlest stuffed size of the considerable number of items tried. The Tennier Woodland Camouflage was the biggest.


Ventilation in bivies can be a precarious thing. Much the same as any bit of waterproof rigging, the better a sack shields you from rain and climate, the less it relaxes. How well a bivy ventilates and how much buildup develops inside is a colossal factor in its esteem and execution.

There are a ton of human factors that can make your night hopeless even in an outstanding bivy. Obviously, we at OutdoorGearlab are here to give you the data you have to make your involvement in the wilds an incredible one. There are a couple of activities you can utilize to ensure your bivy will perform to its most noteworthy capacities. The fundamental issue is that your consolidated breath or additional perspiration from getting overheated can develop within the sack, causing a "rain" impact when moving or moving inside. One of the most effortless activities to forestall buildup in the event that you have dry climate is to keep the zippers open however much as could be expected. Notwithstanding amid storms or broadened timeframes where finish assurance is vital, we suggest "breaking" the work or zipper to permit some development of consolidated air inside.

On the off chance that dry climate isn't in the gauge, the two basic things to remember are to ensure you are breathing outside the bivy and not to utilize a dozing pack or night robe (or whatever garments you rest in, assuming any) that are any hotter than what you requirement for the temps. On the off chance that the temps are variable, or you thrash around in your rest (and can't without much of a stretch guarantee your mouth remains at the bivy opening), it may be a smart thought to bring an engineered dozing pack rather than a down dozing sack. Why? Engineered protection can in any case hold protecting properties and keep you warm on the off chance that it gets moist or even doused.

In the event that your bivy can be staked out or has a post to give you space around the head, exploiting these highlights will include additional air space between your body and the bivy dividers, which essentially builds its capacity to ventilate.

The slight contrast of having the bug net/ventilation raised over your face completed two things. It paid immense profits for solace and aided the bivy vent all the more proficiently.

The slight distinction of having the bug net/ventilation lifted over your face completed two things. It paid enormous profits for solace, and aided the bivy vent all the more proficiently.


Solace is dependably an imperative foundation for open air adapt, particularly for rigging that you depend on for asylum in boondocks circumstances. Time spent in an awkward or cramped bivy with dreadful little creatures getting inside can dismiss a client from bivies for good. The things we considered that added to the solace rating of these each tried bivy included creepy crawly security, largeness (volume and general size contemplations), convenience, and included highlights, for example, outfit pockets or ties that hold your resting cushion set up.

Does your sack feel like a sarcophagus? While we may have delighted in resting in pantries or underneath the bed as kids, most adults like to have some space to thrash around for the duration of the night. On the off chance that you are picking a bivy on the grounds that you need a sanctuary for less weight and space taken up in your pack, you ought to likewise expect less space for you inside, yet not to the point of inconvenience. We looked at floor space, as well as headspace and width at the shoulder, all of which impact the solace rating.

Ultralight and moderate models can frequently be less extensive to eliminate the measure of material utilized. On the other hand, four-season models regularly have wire loops or tent shafts to help increment volume, leave space for the face and give an

The additional space made through this straightforward framework was sufficient for us to peruse a book and get open to amid a rainstorm.

The additional space made through this basic framework was sufficient for us to peruse a book and get happy with amid a rainstorm.

encounter fundamentally the same as dozing under the stars with all the insurance of a tent. The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bivy was a magnificent mix of size and solace highlights, for example, the capacity to fend off the roof from your face with no additional weight. The SOL Escape Was a bit on the cozy side however was useable for our 5'11" outfit analyzer.

Key Accessories

When arranging what dozing framework works best for you, it's essential to consider all segments. Your haven, resting pack, and dozing cushion all cooperate to keep you warm and agreeable. We suggest blending a bivy sack with one of the resting packs from our Ultralight Sleeping Bag Review. Our top choices were the Katabatic Gear Palisade and ZPacks Classic for their solace and lightweight. To the extent dozing cushions, a portion of our top picks incorporate the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm and the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite. Through our testing, we have observed these two to be incredibly agreeable and warm even with their low weight. For a more definite take a gander at all the resting cushions, we audited, look at The Best Sleeping Pad Review.


Regardless of the irritations the BD Bipod was practical and agreeable.

Regardless of the irritations, the BD Bipod was practical and agreeable.

Climbers and ultralight explorers alike might be keen on a bivy for various reasons. Notwithstanding a crisis shield, these items can be a lower weight and a littler option in contrast to a tent. A bivy can enable you to rest in a large number of spots where a tent would not be conceivable. A great deal of elements should be considered while choosing a bivy, running from climate protection from pack measure. For more data on whether a bivy is the correct decision for you and what to consider when making your buy, look at our Buying Advice article.

At the point when to Switch from a Tent to a Bivy?

The most widely recognized motivations to purchase a bivy sack instead of a tent are to decrease pack weight and pack measure by using a dozing framework that is both lighter and littler, yet still ready to give some safe house from the components. However, there is a functioning discussion in the ultralight exploring network about whether bivy is a superior arrangement than a ultralight tent or a UL covering cover. Bivies are as yet less demanding to set up than even the best UL tents and coverings, particularly on the off chance that you are searching for a performance shield outfitted to manage the stormiest climate, and mostly winter snow conditions.

We investigate this inquiry in more detail in our purchasing guidance article, and prescribe that article for those keen on considering ultralight tents or canvas shields as an option to bivies, or to enlarge them (numerous individuals utilize UL coverings and bivies together to make an interestingly lightweight arrangement with magnificent climate security). Be that as it may, we'll endeavor to abridge the most striking focuses beneath.

A tent offers comfort with a great deal of floor space which gives you space to sit up, read and hang out, or store adapt. A ultralight canvas can likewise offer a comparative measure of room that a tent does, with significantly lighter weight, and enhanced security in the rain over bivies. In a maintained rainstorm, a tent or covering is significantly more agreeable than bivies.

A canvas can offer astounding climate security however just whenever set up mindfully. The two open closures of An outline contribute are an obligation wind-driven rain. Preferably select a campground where one of the open finishes is against a hedge or expansive shake. A superlight water-safe bivy sack is a decent move up to increase a covering and include insurance against rain sprinkle or wind splash.

A covering can offer amazing climate assurance, however just whenever set up keenly. The two open finishes of An outline contribute are an obligation wind-driven rain. Preferably, select a campground where one of the open closures is against a hedge or vast shake. A superlight water-safe bivy sack is a decent move up to enlarge a covering and include insurance against rain sprinkle or wind shower.

Numerous individuals don't understand that some bivies do give you enough headspace to peruse or to sit up a bit so you can serenely taste your espresso or gulp your miso soup.

Notwithstanding whether a bivy has those highlights, a portion of these qualities are not required by everybody, and they merit relinquishing for the sake of less weight and space spent in your pack. By shedding additional material, posts, zippers, and entryways — massive parts of a tent that are hard to stay away from — a camper can be sensibly agreeable while sitting out poor climate in the littler encased space of a bivy. Be that as it may, there is a cutoff to how long or days a man can easily hold up inside a cramped bivy.

Therefore, we prescribe that broadened boondocks trips with the likelihood of poor climate may be better spent in a bigger tent or covering. For snappy outings where a tempest can sneak up in a minute's notice, or for experience journeys that require the lightest packs so you can be quick on your feet, a bivy sack can perform and secure and additionally a tent.

For sure, at first look, a bivy is only a miniaturized scale tent, lighter and littler with all the assurance and less mass. They are likewise significantly more portable, ready to be utilized on any level surface sufficiently long to extend on, and sufficiently slender to fit on tight shake edges and little fixes of delicate grass. What's more, some bivies needn't bother with trees or anything to stay them down or fellow them out. They can likewise keep you hotter in cool climate than somewhere in the range of tents do, and unquestionably hotter than a speedy canvas setup.

The OR Alpine Bivy (front) can set aside to a couple of pounds off of a run of the mill one-individual exploring tent (back) in light of the fact that it has less posts texture and zippers.

The OR Alpine Bivy (front) can set aside to a couple of pounds off of an ordinary one-individual exploring tent (back) on the grounds that it has less shafts, texture, and zippers.

The bottom line is that you can make a bivy work where a tent will not — high rock ledges, tight snow caves, tiny flat campsites on rocky terrain. Depending on your needs, a bivy can run anywhere from $20 to $300 and fluctuate from a fraction of a pound to up to two pounds. While you can now find options for full-sized ultralight tents that are less than two pounds, these tents aren't usually four-season shelters, and they lack the versatility that a bivy sack of similar weight will give you. Another reason people will use a bivy is when they are headed on long adventures and want something to protect them from the elements in an emergency or if they find themselves unexpectedly benighted. Bivies give you the most versatile and lightweight option, and for those who prefer sleeping under the stars, a great alternative to tent camping!