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The Google Chromecast Ultra review

Discharged to reverberating achievement in 2013, Google's Chromecast is about as basic as gushing gadgets get. Minimal in excess of a course that passes gushing video from the cloud to your TV — with your cell phone as the remote control — there's little to add to Chromecast with regards to refreshes. Beside an application refresh, the greatest changes for 2015's second-gen gadget were a plan patch up from a dongle to a puck, and the expansion of double band Wi-Fi. Extremely, the main place left for Chromecast to wander was into the universe of 4K Ultra HD video. Enter the Ultra.
google chromecast ultra 2016

An inescapable move to reflect the most recent in TV innovation, the Chromecast Ultra may not look very different, but rather in the engine is the way to opening the best goals accessible in spilling land, including support for High Dynamic Range to release the rich complexity and extended shading extent of the present most eye-popping motion pictures and TV appears. While the redesign pushes the Ultra's cost to twofold its forerunners ($69), for those looking at a flexible method to stream in 4K Ultra HD with HDR, it's outstanding amongst other deals around the local area.


First of all, just connect your Ultra to your TV and divider outlet — the new gadget can't source control specifically from your TV like its kin. Aside from that, one of the greatest changes Chromecast graduated class will see isn't simply the gadget, however the application — well, the name, in any case. In spite of the fact that it's presently named Google Home to flag more extensive usefulness, the interface is basically the same as it generally seemed to be. Including your new Ultra into the crease is as straightforward as tapping the gadget symbol at the upper right, and following the fundamental directions.

google chromecast ultra 2016

google chromecast ultra 2016

The other huge change is that, for some clients, 4K gushing will require hardwiring the gadget to your modem by means of the new Ethernet port, situated on the Ultra's capacity connector. Suggested gushing rate for 4K content is for the most part 25Mbps and up, For an assortment of reasons, this principles out numerous switches. You can endeavor to associate by means of Wi-Fi, yet your most secure wager is hardwiring. The gadget accompanies no genuine frill, so you'll additionally require your own particular Ethernet link available.

Highlights and outline

As specified, the new Chromecast looks a considerable measure like the old one, put something aside for a shiny complete and a conditioned down shading plan — it comes in dark, and dark. (Obviously, not very numerous clients thought about a coral-hued streamer taken cover behind their TV.) The Chromecast logo has likewise been supplanted with a "G," to tell you it's a "made by Google" item.

Interfacing your Ultra is as basic as tapping the gadget symbol at the upper right, and following the directions.

Some fundamental equipment redesigns have likewise been included, which Google cases will make the gadget "1.8" times quicker at stacking gushing substance. By and by, we didn't encounter very that quite a bit of a lift, however the Ultra was a couple of moments quicker, by and large, at stacking HD content than our 2015 Chromecast. Like the 2015 model, the Ultra's Wi-Fi association is 802.11ac good, and it will interface with both 2.4Ghz and 5GHz passageways. Google suggests a 5Ghz association for 4K gushing, however once more, we prompt deciding on an Ethernet association for best outcomes.

While the enormous feature is 4K Ultra HD similarity, similarly as imperative — some may state all the more so — is bolster for HDR (High Dynamic Range). While you'll require a confirmed Ultra HD Premium TV (which is more costly) to completely welcome it, HDR is regularly alluded to as the what tops off an already good thing cake, offering tremendously more splendid differentiation and more extravagant shading that improves the extended shading range of best level 4K TVs. Dissimilar to Roku and Nvidia's Shield gadget, the Ultra offers bolster for both HDR10 (the most common HDR arrangement) and Dolby Vision (the second-most predominant), for the best similarity of any streamer in its value class.

At this point, you might ask yourself, "Don't all new premium 4K TVs pack brilliant interfaces with 4K applications like Netflix and YouTube assembled right in?" To which we'd answer, "Truly, and that is an extremely keen perception!" This reality restricts the utilization cases for the Ultra altogether, as does the way that just a bunch of spilling administrations even offer 4K Ultra HD content, with HDR or without.

google chromecast ultra 2016

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

In any case, as of composing this survey, the Ultra has one noteworthy preferred standpoint over different gadgets at the present time: It's the main current streamer that backings 4K HDR recordings on YouTube. As HDR bolster has quite recently propelled on the site, this may before long convert into an abundance of new HDR content.

Like most gushing gadgets, the Chromecast's application bolster is likewise considerably heartier than most inherent TV interfaces, with help for applications like Vudu, Google Play motion pictures, and others that could possibly accompany your new TV. The significant exclusion here is Amazon Video, which you can discover on Roku gadgets and, obviously, the Fire TV. In any case, 4K applications will just develop in number in the years ahead, and because of HDR (which Amazon's present Fire TV doesn't bolster), the Ultra can develop with them.

Interface/ease of use

Google's Chromecast … er, Home application is much the same as it has been since its 2015 refresh, and all things considered, is as yet restricted in its value. The greatest expansion to a year ago's refresh was voice seek, which looks over a couple of applications, for example, Netflix and YouTube with voice directions like "Show me 4K films."

google chromecast ultra survey home application 4

google chromecast ultra survey home application 3

google chromecast ultra survey home application 2

google chromecast ultra survey home application 1

It's enhanced a little since our last survey (requesting Rob Lowe TV indicates now really discovers Parks and Recreation), however it's still not as instinctive or helpful as Roku's cross-stage seek. On the other hand, the Ultra is likewise $30 less expensive than a tantamount Roku. Maybe the application's best characteristic is (nothing unexpected) discovering great 4K recordings on YouTube.

Where Chromecast's cast framework truly proves to be useful is enabling you to effortlessly change from an application on a cell phone to your TV with the straightforward tap of the cast symbol. Nothing's changed there, so if this is the means by which you get a kick out of the chance to get your spilling kicks, and you need to include more 4K content in with the general mish-mash, the Ultra might be straight up your back road.


When we associated with Ethernet (once more, this prerequisite will change contingent upon your switch), the Chromecast Ultra demonstrated its fortitude, stacking 4K content in a matter of seconds, and acclimating to full goals similarly as fast. We delighted in jumping through all the 4K content we could deal with on Netflix, including Marco Polo and House of Cards, which emerged as the best models of story driven 4K content.


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We likewise invested some quality energy in YouTube, however it takes more burrowing to discover quality substance there. The best models came through in splendid goals with small associating. We experienced some faltering with quicker moving substance and speedy dish in a few recordings, yet we encountered comparative issues by means of our test TV's local YouTube application, so it's difficult to accuse the Ultra there. More to the point, hunting down HDR recordings uncovered a fortune trove of sparkling HDR content luxuriated in brilliant, clear hues, which, for the time being, just the Ultra can bolster.


Google's Chromecast Ultra is a smooth and basic approach to serve up 4K Ultra HD content, including the expansion of HDR in both significant configurations. The last element is a noteworthy overhaul that could pay profits more than 4K streamers without HDR, for example, the Amazon Fire TV. And keeping in mind that practically all HDR TVs come stacked with major applications like YouTube and Netflix, the Ultra is the main gadget right now that can exploit YouTube's new HDR highlight.

Aside from that, Chromecast Ultra will probably most advantage clients with more established or less expensive 4K TVs that do exclude many spilling applications, particularly those without Google's developing suite of substance, including Google Play films. Despite the fact that it's more costly than the HD Chromecast, the Ultra's consideration of 4K bolster, alongside HDR10 and Dolby Vision, ought to enable it to build its incentive as 4K spilling grows.

To what extent will it last?


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With double band Wi-Fi, Ethernet association, and all the most recent 4K and HDR arranges on board, the Ultra is prepared to develop with you and your decision of higher-quality 4K Ultra HD TVs for quite a long time.

What are the choices?

The local applications stacked directly into your 4K Ultra HD TV might be the Chromecast Ultra's greatest rivalry at this moment. For outsider spilling gadgets, options incorporate the $60 Roku Streaming Stick+ at $70 and the $100 Roku Ultra, which includes highlights like an Optical computerized sound yield for detachable sound association, and a remote control with a discoverer work. Both Roku gadgets additionally highlight a more conventional interface and preferred traverse the Ultra, however their HDR capacity is restricted to HDR10. The $70 Amazon Fire TV (2017) is also worth checking out.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a highly affordable streaming add-on to your 4K Ultra HD TV — and you love Google’s casting style — then definitely. You can get a bit more content with a Roku, including Amazon Video, but it will also cost you more. More importantly, for now the Ultra is the only device compatible with HDR videos on YouTube. As more streaming apps come out of the woodwork, the Ultra’s value will only rise.