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OnePlus 6 review: An upgrade worth the price?

NEW DELHI: Smartphones producers have dependably been feeling the squeeze to offer clients 'best-in-class' gadgets. The race to wind up the business pioneer has brought about organizations propelling cell phones with FaceID, double back cameras, bezel less shows and other such advancements. Notwithstanding, the greater part of these cell phones - at any rate the underlying variations have been propelled at eye-watering costs. Here OnePlus has to a great extent kept up its picture of propelling what it calls 'leader executioner' at moderately reasonable costs. The five-year-old organization as of late raised the draperies over its most recent leader cell phone OnePlus 6.

There's almost certainly that OnePlus 6 has been getting a charge out of the features since recent months, something that helped make it a standout amongst the most foreseen cell phones of the year. It had the buildup, it had famous people advancing it and now it's out in the open, testing a portion of the enormous names in the market.

First of all, OnePlus 6 was disclosed on May 16 in London and May 17 in Mumbai, India. This time, the cell phone comes in three shading variations - Midnight Black, Mirror Black and Silk White. There's likewise a Marvel Avengers Limited Edition variation. Every one of them likewise vary with regards to RAM and capacity limits. The 6GB RAM + 64GB rendition costs Rs 34,999, while the 8GB + 128GB variation will make gap in your pocket worth Rs 39,999. The Avengers extraordinary version accompanies 8GB RAM but at the same time is the just a single to wear 256GB inbuilt stockpiling.

We have been utilizing the OnePlus 6 Mirror Black 8GB/128GB variation since a week and this is what this Rs 39,999 handset offers.


Albeit donning a 'new'design, OnePlus 6 didn't generally get every one of us energized at first. At first look, it would seem that the OnePlus 5T aside from the double back cameras that are currently put at the middle rather than the upper left corner. In the event that you were expecting a noteworthy upgrade something like what we saw between the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 5, you're in for a slight dissatisfaction.

It feels the same as OnePlus 5T close by yet for those moving to the OnePlus 6 from an alternate marked gadget, this could be a somewhat decent change.

OnePlus weights on the way that the cell phone, not at all like some other OnePlus handsets previously, utilizes a glass-covered back board. We improved in the Midnight Black and Silk White variation than the gleaming look utilized as a part of Mirror Black and the exceptional version Marvel Avengers release on account of the measure of fingerprints the last models draw in. In case you're somebody who needs to keep his/her cell phone perfect and spotless constantly, the last two may not be great alternatives.

Gratefully the measure of the telephone continues as before so no worry there. What's more, OnePlus isn't yet prepared to evacuate the 3.5mm earphone jack, in light of the fact that as indicated by the organization 'group' and 'fans' needed it. Presently, this is might be uplifting news for a few purchasers, and not all that great for others. Uplifting news since clients can utilize a 3.5mm earphone, which is still broadly utilized and terrible news on the grounds that the business is gradually moving towards everything 'remote' and cell phones are receiving USB Type-C port for both sound yield and charging yet OnePlus 6 appears to be deserted being a leader. Obviously, the greater part of this is subjective.

Regardless, a few changes you will find in the OnePlus 6 is that the Alert Slider has moved to the correct side (fortunately), volume controllers are on the left and the questionable 'score' is at long last here. We're happy that Oneplus has at long last moved the Alert Slider to one side, making it more open than previously. This design essentially makes every one of them (ready slider, volume controllers and the power catch) less demanding to achieve without any assistance.

The Mirror Black variation that we got could likewise end up being an appallingly tricky gadget now and again however then we got upwards of six cases in the case, including the exemplary Sandstone cover (which we are utilizing at this moment). Likewise what may be a let down is the nonattendance of any sort of IPxx water opposition or clean obstruction rating. OnePlus in any case, says that it is as yet usable in rain. So dunking it in water is probably going to ruin the gadget.

Show 'indent' is another head turner this time. More on it underneath.


OnePlus 6 utilizes the Optic Amoled screen board that regards take a gander at. The hues are not as energetic as the one seen in Samsung Galaxy leaders (however those too don't seem characteristic numerous a times). The recordings and pictures do fly up and the blacks are sufficiently profound to mix with the dark screen bezels or even shroud the indent. Truly, you have the alternative to shroud the indent in the OnePlus 6, on the off chance that you were pondering. It is additionally conceivable to choose which applications can utilize the fullscreen mode or not.

In the event that you ask us, we're not a major enthusiast of the score outline as a large portion of the applications are not advanced for them and don't generally utilize it in a superior way. Be that as it may, as Pei portrayed a long time ahead from the dispatch of OnePlus 6, this was the best choice to give clients an extended screen while keeping the forward looking camera and the speaker in place. The score likewise incorporates a LED warning marker that one can see while accepting a notice or while charging the gadget.

The 6.28-inch Optic AMOLED show with sRGB underpins DCI-P3 shading space that is there in OnePlus 3 and all the later models. With an extended screen you get a 19:9 viewpoint proportion, that is typically useful in review recordings and clicking all around spread over pictures. Additionally, there is a 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 security so we're trusting it might survive a few drops.

There's no way breaking or leader slaughtering show highlight in OnePlus 6 however. It has the same Adaptive Mode, Reading Mode, Night Mode and Lift Up Display. Perusing mode is additionally there that desaturates the whole screen transforming it into monochrome.


Execution is where OnePlus cell phones have been somewhat nailing it for a long while. The OnePlus 6 is no exemption. It makes utilization of a standout amongst the most capable portable chip accessible in the business - Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 so of course, there are no slacks or any sort of back off while opening applications or moving between them. Rather, the UI activitys and application dispatches, as OnePlus cases, are snappier. For an end client it's hard to state as you won't have the capacity to have out an effect. In any case, those originating from Samsung Experience, MIUI or some other interfaces may ready to recognize the change. What supports perplexing, substantial assignments is 8GB LPDDR4X RAM, which for our situation is as yet a needless excess. 6GB RAM would likewise do a similar undertaking at a similar speed. Notwithstanding a capable octa-center processor and plentiful RAM you get Adreno 630 GPU dealing with a portion of the realistic serious applications and amusements, for example, Mortal Kombat, Modern Combat and that's just the beginning.

What makes OnePlus 6 an enjoyment to utilize is the OxygenOS. The handset has Android 8.1 Oreo-based 5.1.3, which is at least somewhat new has every one of the highlights one would anticipate from the most recent leader. The new OxygenOS arrived while we were looking into the gadget so without a doubt you will get this out of the crate. It brings Android security fix to May, includes design for appearing or concealing the score, bolster for super moderate movement at 480fps and other camera-based highlights.

For those originating from various UIs, the OxygenOS may be a charming astonishment as it is quick, customisable to some degree and close stock Android by plan. In the event that you missed it, you can even run Android P beta form on OnePlus 6.

Two other key highlights Oneplus is touting are the new Gaming Mode and new route motions. The Gaming mode, which until OnePlus 5T was known as the Gaming DND Mode, has been enhanced as it naturally brings down the measure of information for different applications and throttles the information doled out for the amusement being played. With respect to motions, the OnePlus 6 presently gives you a choice to supplant the cliché route bar and rather utilize swipe up signals for the same. This element can be actuated from the Settings application and is relatively simple to learn. Swiping up from sides will make you a stride back while swiping up from focus will limit whatever application is opened around then. Swiping up from the inside without lifting your finger will open the multi-window screen.

For numbers, OnePlus 6 obviously got an amazing 261397 score on Antutu, which is a standout amongst other scores in the rundown, alongside 2401 and 8974 for single and multi-center scores.


A noteworthy lump of execution lies with how the camera of the cell phone works and OnePlus 6 completes an OK work in it. In principle, the cell phone is only a slight update over the OnePlus 5T. It has the same 16MP+20MP double back cameras with the exception of a superior Sony sensor. The essential 16MP Sony IMX519 has f/1.7 gap and the optional 20MP Sony IMX376K sensor too has a similar opening. The pixel estimate has likewise been expanded in the essential sensor by 0.10um, which barely has any effect to your subsequent shots. Regardless, the camera rushes to catch moving subjects with great measure of sharpness and lucidity.

Some credit of this likewise goes to the organization's Smart Capture innovation that carefully hones the picture. The product include recommends the best mode to click a sharp picture in light of nature in which it is being clicked.

In spite of the fact that we didn't generally observe an uncommon distinction in sunshine shots when all is said in done, a portion of the night shots really turned out great. The low opening and the marginally bigger pixel estimate work couple to convey a portion of the best low-light shots as indicated by us. The subsequent pictures, dissimilar to found in a portion of the cell phones in the given value section, are sharp and not smooth with a specific end goal to shroud the clamor. In any case, on the off chance that you do need the best camera execution, this won't not be the favored one as cell phones like Galaxy S9+, Google Pixel 2 and even the Huawei P20 Pro complete a superior occupation. In any case, the sticker price makes OnePlus 6 a decent recommendation.

One of the real augmentations in the camera this time is the Optical Image Stabilization or OIS. The tech, which can be found in the greater part of the lead cell phones nowadays, was absent as of not long ago. The past model accompanied EIS. Presently, with OIS, you can expect stable recordings and more honed shots of a moving subject. Likewise, the optional back camera has PDAF for better following of the subject in recordings.

Discussing recordings, the cell phone has unquestionably enhanced and remains at standard with some high-review cell phones out there. The video adjustment, similar to we said above, is taken care by OIS, giving a decent yield. Low light recordings are not as awful as we expected but rather is likewise not a standout amongst other ones we've seen. It does the activity however so clients won't be disillusioned. The general video recording execution is liquid and they do look great on huge screen also.

What's as good as ever this time is that the gadget would now be able to record 4K determination recordings at 60fps, which is something that we found in the Samsung Galaxy S9+ prior this year. Likewise, while the OnePlus 5T accompanied 120fps moderate movement video recording support, the OnePlus 6 presently accompanies 240fps at fullHD determination and 480fps at HD determination. Sadly, the 960fps help isn't there.

While the back cameras have seen a slight redesign, the forward looking camera stays nearly the same as that in the OnePlus 5T. It has the same 16MP Sony IMX371 sensor with f/2.0 gap. The main change here is that the sensor presently incorporates EIS for carefully settling recordings. On the product front there is another Portrait impact highlight that gives you a chance to include some new impacts in the obscured foundation. For selfie darlings this should come as a much needed development.

The general UI is anything but difficult to utilize and not a noteworthy departure from that of the stock Android. We felt the quantity of changes was not to such an extent but rather for a general client it ought to satisfy about all the essential requests.


OnePlus 6 battery execution isn't awful given it has the same 3300mAh limit installed as in OnePlus 5T. The cell phone, on a solitary charge, can keep running for more than 12 hours effectively on a normal utilize. End clients won't motivate much to gripe here as the battery conveys more than 6 hours of on-screen time. This is a direct result of the less power devouring FullHD+ determination screen and an effective Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

Moreover, you get a pack of battery-sparing highlights too. These incorporate from your normal battery enhancement for each application to the Battery Saver mode wherein the OnePlus 6 turns off vibration, area administrations and other foundation assignments. You can likewise set it up to actuate consequently when the handset hits 5% battery or 15%. Some visual battery symbol customisations are additionally there, something we have just found in the OnePlus 5 and 5T.

While everything is sure on the battery side, one of the highlights we think OnePlus could've included was remote charging. The organization official, at the season of the dispatch explained that the firm didn't bring it as the charging rate is no place near the benchmarks set by OnePlus Dash Charge. Be that as it may, being a leader cell phone and considering each other lead from various organizations have it, the organization could've at any rate presented the component and possibly enhanced it in the later form (perhaps in OnePlus 7, who knows).

Concerning Dash Charging, the innovation is one of the major in addition to purposes of the cell phone. It even works while the cell phone is in Gaming Mode as all the warming up happens in the connector rather than the telephone.


OnePlus 6 certainly about has everything necessary to contend with different leads in the market. The watchword here being 'about'. As one can even now observe the Chinese cell phone mark compromising as misses like water-obstruction construct, no remote charging, same forward looking camera and battery. Be that as it may, on the brighter side you get a portion of the essential highlights, for example, OIS, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, moderate movement video recording and even the gigabit LTE availability bolster.

What's more, some clever highlights incorporate an enhanced Gaming Mode, simple route motions and increasingly that go about as a cherry on the cake. All these are probably going to produce a positive swell in the market. Fans likewise may not discover it a gigantic redesign over the OnePlus 5T yet then for somebody moving from a Samsung, Xiaomi or some other non-stock Android cell phone, this might be a decent arrangement.

It's hard to consider it as one of the ideal cell phones in the market yet the sticker price at which it comes is without a doubt alluring.