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iBall Compbook Excelance review

Consider the possibility that I disclosed to you that you can get three, fresh out of the box new workstations at an indistinguishable cost from an OnePlus 3 and a modest bunch of adornments. You don't trust me? Here's the iBall Compbook Exelance that is controlled by the most recent Atom chip and costs just Rs 10,000. Is that an arrangement for sure?

Obviously, the primary inquiry that entered our thoughts on observing the gadget was the reason iBall called it "Excelance" and not "Perfection." I'm certain they had their reasons. In any case, despite everything I can't think about any that may be sensible.

Following one month with the gadget, I believe there's still opportunity to get better. Read on to take in more.

Plan and fabricate: 4/10

iBall CompBook Excelance 2

The workstation costs Rs 10,000. Remember that when perusing this audit.

It's made of plastic; finished plastic on the best and matte-completed plastic wherever else. There's a lot of flex, the console unit can discourage inwards when composing and the charger feels shaky and shabby. It's likewise heavier than you'd anticipate.

Once more, this workstation costs Rs 10,000 and at that cost, I'm really awed that they figured out how to manufacture a completely useful PC.

Regardless of the flexing, the workstation doesn't appear like one that will go into disrepair at any point in the near future and in the one month that I utilized it, it held up rather well.

The one arrangement breaking imperfection for me was the frightful resistances on the USB ports. It's difficult to push a gadget into those ports and much harder to separate them. After some time, I abstained from utilizing the ports by and large to abstain from harming my pen drives.

Console and trackpad: 6.5/10

iBall Compbook Excelance

The console and trackpad on the CompBook were in reality much superior to anything I was anticipating. First of all, the console really feels not too bad. It is, truth be told, superior to the bland Hewlet Parkard and Dell offerings that you'd find packaged with deadened office machines. It's additionally superior to the el-cheapo ones you'd purchase off the road for Rs 300.

You should scrape the bottom the keys to guarantee that a key snap is enrolled, which influences it to seem as though you're bashing endlessly at the console.

The touchpad is little, yet it's shockingly responsive and smooth. Two finger looking over additionally works wonderfully. Clicking was somewhat irksome, however I got accustomed to it sooner or later.

Highlights: 6/10

The workstation is fueled by an Intel Atom Z3735F chip and this is upheld by a measly 2GB of random access memory. Shockingly, you just get 32GB of installed stockpiling and a microSD card opening with help for up to 64GB cards. The screen is a 11.6 inch one with a 1366x768 determination. We've seen telephones with better specs, but more costly than this workstation.

The webcam is a VGA camera. Network comes as two USB 2.0 ports and one small HDMI port. You additionally get a 3.5mm combo jack, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi help. The battery, in any event, is a 10,000mAh one. The minor little charger that they package is scarcely bigger than the ones that accompanied the Nokia 1100.


The screen is just a high definition one, however it's pardonable at this cost. We didn't expect the world from the show, not at Rs 10,000 and the best thing we can say in regards to it is that it takes care of business. Hues are washed out, white levels are appalling and reaction time is horrendous, yet it's sufficient for everyday assignments and at this value, that is the thing that truly tallies.

Execution: 2/10

3DMark Ice Storm Extreme

You can tell that the PC is moderate from the minute you control it on. Everything happens two or three heartbeats longer than is agreeable and on the off chance that you start up a generally requesting program like Chrome, you can disregard doing whatever else. Office applications, for example, Word and Excel ran easily and even video playback wasn't terrible, everything considered.

Utilizing the gadget is as yet a battle however. While I'd characterize the execution as scarcely practical. Essentially including another 2GB of random access memory would have extensively improved execution. Of course, the cost would have crossed Rs 10,000, however the PC would have gone from scarcely practical to fair.

The 32GB of capacity is likewise seriously restricting. You scarcely get 20GB for your own particular applications and information and you'll need to live off pen drives and outer stockpiling. As specified before, the USB spaces are stiff to the point that you won't not have any desire to do that much. Read and compose speeds in perfect conditions once in a while crossed the 15-20MBps stamp for successive exchanges.

Cinebench R11.5 32 bit

The low RAM makes different issues too. You can't open in excess of two or three tabs at any given moment before the CompBook begins battling and different foundation programs is a strict no. You complete one thing at once and you better have some tolerance doing it. A Rs 10,000 Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 effortlessly offers significantly more as far as execution. Another issue that fuels the issue is that the gadget is running a 32-bit variant of Windows 10. You won't have the capacity to update the RAM past 4GB without introducing another OS.

The CompBook was inactively cooled and that brought about high working temperatures. Sit without moving temperatures were 50 degrees Celsius and under load, temperatures hit 60 degrees C. Notwithstanding, the gadget itself never got more than somewhat warm, which was pleasant.

Speakers were sufficiently noisy to be utilized easily.

One extremely irregular issue with the gadget, which might be limited to just our gadget, was an unending cry from close to the show unit. The cry would just kill when the show would kill, persuading that there may be some electronic spillage or the like.

Battery Life: 9/10

iBall CompBook PCMark battery test

The main fortunate thing about this great gadget is the battery life. According to our assessment the PCMark result life at 6.5 hours (approx. 7hrs), which is colossal for a gadget running Windows and especially prominent on the grounds that the PC is a moderately substantial benchmark. You ought to have the capacity to overcome through a consistent workday or school day on a solitary charge.

Charging the battery takes nearly as long to charge it as to deplete it however. There's no QuickCharge bolster and the PC will take as much time as necessary energizing. I didn't have the persistence to hold up till the gadget charged completely and measure the time correctly, yet I can report that even following 3 hours of charging, the workstation's battery went just from 0 percent to around 70 percent.


The iBall CompBook is an exceptionally underpowered PC with extraordinary battery life. It's likewise not assembled and unquestionably not a comment about. This is underscored by the way that the gadget retails for Rs 10,000 notwithstanding, and that is very something.

In any case, the motivation behind why the NetBooks of yore were so awful was their absence of energy. The iBall CompBook endures a similar destiny. It's modest, however perhaps it's excessively modest. Tossing in no less than 6-8GB of random access memory in itself would have gone far to take this gadget from scarcely middle of the road to profoundly suggested for those on a financial plan. The expansion in cost would have effortlessly legitimized the knock in execution.

Tragically, in case you're on an extremely tight spending plan and can't stand to spend in any event Rs 20,000, you're in a tough situation. There truly aren't any offerings in the market that offer more than the CompBook at a comparable cost.

On the off chance that you truly can hold out till you spare Rs 20,000, I'd unequivocally propose that you do. On the off chance that you can't, you'll simply need to live with the blemishes.